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Sun Jul 10th 2011
Cotswolds ride 3*
Des Higgs
Start Time:
9:30 am
Start Location:
Guildenford car park, Burford
A Cotswold magical mystery tour, taking lunch at Broadway Tower, by way of Bourton on the Water and Snowshill. Returning to Burford via Bibury, where a nice tea shop awaits.

This will be a hilly 80-100km ride, variable on the day to suit the group, but is still a 3* ride.

Please let Des know if you're planning to come.
Chris Walters
Derek Boutle
Des Higgs
Frank Schroer
Iain Kent
Ian Lambourne
John Talbot
John Tranter
Nick Dunton
Paul Jarvis
Steve Swanton
Riders = 11
A very enjoyable brisk ride, weather excellent, lavender in full bloom (memories of grannies linen cupboard). Unable to see mountains in Wales from Broadway Tower Hill as it was a little to misty.

On the return journey it was decided to take a comfort and icecream stop in Northleach.
Good ride, weather and, above all, company. Special thanks to Derek (if it was not for him we could still be there now).

Total of 98k (sorry 2k short).

99.14 km (61.60 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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