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Sun Aug 16th 2015
Regular Wantage Ride 2*
Adrian West
Start Time:
10:00 am
Start Location:
Monthly 80-100km (50-65 miles) all-day touring ride, lunch and possibly tea stop en route, at a riding pace of 18-22km/h (11-14mph). Not suitable for irregular riders. Climbing almost inevitable.

A long 2* leisurely paced ride out to the pretty Cotswold village of Bibury.

I have listed this ride as a 2* instead of the usual 3* regular Wantage ride as it's not particularly hilly with only a few lumps. I would also like to encourage more 2* riders out on all day touring rides as the thought of 3* for some can be intimidating.

This will be a leisurely fun and enjoyable ride for regular 2* and 3* riders, bear in mind it will be around 100km.

I will need to book a table for lunch at an eatery in Bibury so if you intend on coming please let me know as soon as possible.

There are a few venues in close proximity to each other if you wish to explore and forage when you get there and not have a pub lunch.


Wantage Market Place out to Baulking via the A417, Fernham, Little Coxwell, The Great Barn at Great Coxwell, Coleshill, Lechlade, Fairford and lunch at the pretty Cotswold village of Bibury.

I intend on booking lunch at the Catherine Wheel Pub but there are other food options nearby in the village if needed. Once refueled we head through the village to Coln St Aldwyn, Southrop, Broughton Poggs, Bampton (possible icecream/ tea stop) Buckland, Charney Bassett, Denchworth, Wantage Market Place.

Expect to be back in Wantage late afternoon.

UPDATE: 14/08
Weather forecast (at time of this update) is warm and dry with very little wind so the ride should be quite pleasant.

I have booked a table for 10 at the Catherine Wheel pub in Bibury, but this can be added to by early Saturday night if anyone wants to make a last minute decision to come along. There are a few other venues including a cafe and tea shop if you don't fancy a pub lunch.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to come along and have lunch at the pub so I can make the booking larger.

If you fancy coming on the ride and not have lunch at the pub you can just turn up without letting me know.

Please note the ride starts from Wantage Market place at 10am.
Adrian West
Bethany Tranter
Des Higgs
Jan McCabe
John Groves
Lyn Taylor
Mike Bailey
Roger Postbeschild
Stephanie Haddrell
Riders = 9

sunny intervals
Perfect weather, a good group of riders, great conversation, good food at Bibury and cake at Bampton Garden Centre.

The ride went without incident (with the usual impatient driver in the busy areas) and everything went to plan.
We stuck to a good 2* pace and managed a good comfortable ride for all. Not too slow and not too fast either.

We arrived at Bibury slightly early, but were catered for nicely by the Catherine Wheel pub. We then made our way through the Cotswolds and Thames Valley to Bampton garden center where we were joined by a tiny young Robin called crumb by the staff. He helped finish off the leftover bits of cake we placed on the floor for him before we left.

The usual climb to Buckland and steady cruise through the Vale and we made it back to Grove/ Wantage as planned just before 5pm.

A perfect and enjoyable touring ride.
93.00 km (57.79 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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