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Sat Jul 2nd 2011
Saturday afternoon ride from Grove 3*
John Talbot
Start Time:
1:00 pm
Start Location:
60-70km (38 - 45 miles) ride, with a tea stop, riding pace of 20-22km/h (13-14mph). Likely to visit distant destinations. Not suitable for irregular riders. Climbing likely.

I've got two choices for this ride.

1) A fairly flat summer afternoon jaunt in the Vale of White Horse. As it's so flat we'll up the miles a bit and aim for a bit over 50 miles (80km). Tea-stop at Aston Pottery. Route One

2) Something a bit different going eastwards via Abingdon and over Sandford Lock to Garsington and through the Baldons. This one is a bit hillier and 48 miles (77km). Tea stop at Notcutts Garden Centre near Clifton Hampden. Route Two

Which do you prefer? There's only one way to find out.... Doodle Poll! Choose from the link below.
Adrian West
Andy Newell
David Smith
James Wigmore
John Talbot
Nick Dunton
Ursula Hallam
Riders = 7
The overwhelming winner was the route to Garsington so that's the way we went.

The start was slightly delayed as I arrived late after a minor mechanical issue cycling to Grove. Thanks for waiting for me!

After the boring bit to Steventon we headed through Drayton and Sutton Courtenay and the first time over the Thames at Sutton Bridge. And second time at Abingdon. We kept a good steady pace up throughout.

After Abingdon town centre and Radley we crossed the Thames again at Sandford Lock. It was tempting to join the hoardes in the pub for a drink!

Oxford United had their open day today but Grenoble Road was quiet. This is a nice wide, well surfaced road for pretending to be taking part in the TdF sweeping around the roundabouts!

My pre-arranged flypast by the Red Arrows wowed everyone as we headed along the B480 towards Garsington.

The first and steepest hill of the day was up into Garsington and then along the ridge towards Wheatley. Really pleasant undulating lanes through Cuddesdon, Denton and the Baldons.

A short stretch of the A4074 and a rather average teastop at Notcutts, a limited, tired looking and expensive cake selection.

Some excitement after the break cycling into Clifton Hampden when several yelps came from behind in the peloton. A wasp had flown into Andy's shirt and as he frantically tried to swat it, control his bike and remove his shirt it stung him twice and flew off! Ouch!

We crossed the Thames for the 4th and final time at Clifton Hampden and headed through Long Wittenham and Appleford and through Sutton Courtenay again. We all voted to do the extra loop after Featherbed Lane through Ginge and Lockinge. This took us over 50 miles for the afternoon as we went down past Lain's Barn.

A great 3* afternoon ride, perfect weather, good group, good pace, half century. Excellent.

Who said it always rains when I lead?!
83.40 km (51.82 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
1* - Suitable for irregular, social, beginner or family riders, pace will match the slower riders. Not hilly or long. Expect rides up to 3 hours. Gentle exercise.
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