Chairman’s Newsletter – September 2019

Posted on October 5th, 2019

Hello everyone

It has been a while since the last newsletter. One reason for that is that we are finding more and more that people are using Facebook as a way of sharing information – the club’s Facebook page is well used and very active. We have also started to set up Facebook Events for particular rides (like the Betjeman Ride and the school holiday Family Rides) where we specifically want to reach beyond the existing membership. Of course, I’m also well aware that not everyone chooses to use Facebook, so this newsletter hopefully remains a useful method of communication as well.

Having said all of that, we are having a really good year! Lots of rides, lots of new things and really encouraging number of people participating in everything. It is however, sadly, nearly the end of our Tuesday evening season – the last ride is tomorrow, so be there if you can. We have had a (mostly) good run with the weather this year and the numbers have been very encouraging. I must also say that the Thursday morning rides have proven themselves to be another core part of the rides calendar and that has certainly added a whole extra dimension this year. Just a couple of things to specifically bring to your attention:

For those not familiar with the club structure, we are generally low on formality, but the one formal event we do have each year is the AGM. The club year runs from October to September so the AGM date is set to enable us to look back on the year just finished. This year the date is the evening of Monday 21st October so please put that in your diaries. The venue is Challow Cricket Club. Full details to follow. It doubles up as a nice social occasion where we try to recognise each other in normal clothes and without severe helmet hair…

I had a message from the people who have just opened a new cafe in Lambourn. It is actually in the same premises that were previously used by the old Cafe on the High Street. The new incarnation is called Goodies and they are very keen to welcome cyclists in general and groups like ours in particular. So I encourage you to check them out!

And that’s about all for now. Thanks for making the club so much fun and so successful. I must say that I am really happy to be associated with such a thriving and happy club, and long may it continue!

Best regards

John Tranter
Chairman – Cycling UK Wantage
07836 238350

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